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Newfound Sound was formed in 1985 with just twelve members. It received charter status from its international parent organization, Harmony Inc. ( in 1988 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and joined the other chapters in Atlantic Canada to officially become part of Area 1 ( Today, Newfound Sound enjoys a strong membership of 20-30 active members on the risers each week. Teaching and training in barbershop harmony techniques are fundamentals of the group. Strong leadership by the Director, Elaine Galloway, along with support from the music team and all members of the chorus, provides a fun and friendly singing environment for women of all ages and backgrounds. Performances range from regular participation in the annual Atlantic Area 1 competition and convention (AC&C) and the international convention for Harmony, Inc. (IC&C), as well as other local events such as Christmas at Commissariat House. We also perform for conferences and other events with a very entertaining repertoire. Our group is very proud of the many awards that we have received over the years. Performances to support charity events, such as Sing for Care ( and many others are commitments of great importance to us. We love to give back to the community and we often entertain patients and residents in health care facilities and seniors' homes. If you enjoy singing, helping your community, and making new friends, then why not consider becoming a member of Newfound Sound.


Elaine Galloway became the Director for Newfound Sound in 2011. She has enjoyed the Barbershop style of music throughout her entire life, her father being Alex Andrews (founding member and long-time Director of the Anchormen Chorus). Since joining Newfound Sound she has been actively involved in many capacities including, but not limited to, Baritone Section Leader; Warm-up Director; Teaching Quartet Co-ordinator; and Baritone for the Teaching Quartet. In addition to coaching quartets, Elaine has sung baritone with quartets Synergy and Selkie, and has sung lead with a mixed quartet.

Elaine has been performing musically since the age of six around her hometown of St. John's. She plays the piano, guitar, djembe, and has studied voice under the tutelage of Canadian soprano Melanie Kruger. Elaine also composes music and songs for the piano, flute, and guitar.

Elaine and her husband Shaun have three children each of whom plays at least one musical instrument. Her youngest son also sings baritone with the Anchormen Chorus. In her spare time, when she's not travelling with her family, Elaine enjoys golf, watercolour painting, and hiking.


Bye Bye Love

Happy Together

Music In My Mother's House


Our Team

Board of Directors

Anna Tapper
June Cousens
Corinne Moore
Madeline Power
Board Member
Patsy Kelly
Board Member
Heather Vardy
Past President
Anita Power Taylor

Music Team

Elaine Galloway
Assistant Director
June Cousens


Dianne Hussey
Music Librarian
Bev Kane


To join Newfound Sound or for more information, either:


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Drop in during rehearsal:

Gonzaga High School
20 Smithville Crescent, St. John's, NL
Wednesdays 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Open Positions

Musical Director Position

Do you have an interest in directing an all women a cappella harmony group? If so, here's an opportunity for you!

Newfound Sound chorus was established in 1988 and is a chartered incorporated member of Harmony Incorporated international. It is the only chapter in the province and as such it represents Newfoundland and Labrador at women's barbershop harmony conventions and contests held within and outside the province. The chapter is run by a Board of Directors. The chorus ranges from 20-25 enthusiastic singers with various musical backgrounds who come together for the love of harmony, friendship, and to support the community. It is an auditioned group and supports the education and promotion of a cappella barbershop harmony.

Newfound Sound is looking for a director to develop and lead our chorus in its musical program. Here are highlights of what we are looking for in a director:

 The position is open to male and female directors.

 As part of a music team, the director is supported by an assistant, section leaders, and other supporting positions.

 Interested persons must have directing experience and music skills at a level that is capable to instruct each of the four parts (bass, baritone, lead and tenor). Post-secondary music training would be an asset, however, it is not a requirement.

 The director must be available for weekly rehearsals every Wednesday evening from 7:00-9:00 from September to June, additional rehearsals as required, as well as performances and competitions.

 The director must be willing to participate in training and development in the barbershop harmony style.

 Membership in the Harmony Incorporated international organization will be provided.

 The position will be offered on a trial basis for three to six months.

 Fees will be based on individual skills and abilities and will be discussed with applicants individually.

For more information on Newfound Sound please visit the Harmony Incorporated web site

Interested persons may submit a resume via email at or by mail to Newfound Sound, P.O. Box 13181, Stn A, St. John’s, NL A1B 4A4. This could be your opportunity to become part of an exceptional singing group and experience the fulfilling rewards of a cappella harmony!

Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly practice is every Wednesday from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. A longer practice or extra practices may be called prior to performances, if necessary. If you take on committee work or an administrative position, additional time will be required.
Membership is approximately $200 a year (lower rates for students). This gives you membership in Newfound Sound ( as well as in our parent organization, Harmony, Inc. ( There are incidental costs associated with stage outfits, music, etc.
Yes. This takes place in a separate room with our director on your first or second night attending, simply to ensure that you can "hold a tune" and to assess your vocal range. You will be given a few weeks to learn a simple barbershop song and you will have an opportunity to sing in a quartet. An experienced member who sings your part will support you with this exercise. This is not necessarily a pass/fail situation. Sometimes members are given the opportunity for another audition. You won't have to pay dues until you've passed this audition and have been accepted by the board.
No. Barbershop harmony traditionally has been learned by listening. It can help if you read music, but many of our members read at a basic level or not at all. We belong to an educational organization: there is an emphasis on teaching all aspects of singing and entertaining. We provide audio learning tracks for much of our music and additional help is available if needed.
Leads sing the melody; basses sing the lower part; tenors sing the high part; and baritones sing all the notes in between.
We perform at several annual events in the St. John's area. We perform for after-dinner entertainment, conferences, etc. We may host our own concert or appear on other local concerts. We sometimes plan trips within the province to sing at various venues. Volunteering our time to sing in seniors' homes, hospitals and for charities is important to us.
Harmony, Inc. has six areas. We belong to Area 1, ( which covers the Atlantic Provinces. Every June, Area 1 holds its annual conference and contest and our goal is to attend and compete most years. This is optional, though most members do participate because it offers valuable training and great fun. Occasionally we will compete at the international conference - we've done so four times in twenty years. We sometimes hold fund-raisers to help pay for the costs of travel, and this fundraising is optional for each member.

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